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7*12cm RWS Panorama Tarot Gilded Gold Edges78 Pcs Tarot Cards Deck.

7*12cm RWS Panorama Tarot Gilded Gold Edges78 Pcs Tarot Cards Deck.

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7*12cm RWS Panorama Tarot Gilded Gold Edges78 Pcs , 7*12cm RWS Panorama Tarot Gilded Gold Edges78 Pcs Cards When Wide Angle Lens Show You New Perspective of RWS.

landscape image style derived from the Wide Angle Tarot images. This edition offers a new perspective, emphasizing the horizons and vastness present in each card. It's a fresh take on the Tarot that invites readers to delve into panoramic stories and meanings.

You will receive 1 copy of RWS Panorama Tarot (7x12cm Landscape)
RWS Panorama Tarot deck includes the deck of 78 cards (70x120mm). Printed on matt-coated 330GSM art card in a Two-Piece Rigid Box.

~~~ Step into a mesmerizing realm of profound depth and expansive landscapes with Wide Angle Tarot, where the boundaries of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot are transcended, and the beauty beyond the frame is revealed. Inspired by the concept of a wide-angle lens, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey that breathes new life into the traditional Tarot experience.

~~~ Wide Angle Tarot takes the familiar Rider Waite Smith Tarot and turns it into something truly remarkable. Think of it as using a special lens that lets you see beyond the edges, revealing breathtaking details and stories that were previously unseen. With every card, a world of beauty is waiting to be discovered, inviting you to explore the Tarot in a way you've never imagined.

1. [Tarot cards that provide guidance and energy]: These durable, high-quality tarot cards have exquisite charts on them, and each tarot card is memorable and can provide guidance. You can seek guidance on life, career and interpersonal relationships in the Tarot cards.
2. [Suitable for family entertainment]: Our tarot cards are tailor-made for game lovers. These amazing tarot cards will create some wonderful memories for friends and family.

Language: English
Package: Color box

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